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Hyundai Verna right side door dent and scratch removing in Coimbatore We have removed dent and scratch from right side front and back door that happened during accident . Look is like as new as brand one...
Polo dicky door painting and Dent removing in Coimbatore we have done body shop work for polo. Dicky door got accident and repair. We have removed the dent and done painting. We have delivered as new as brand one. Visit us. 8012588200/201
We gave a brand new look for this Mercedes-Benz. Full painting work done by us with customer's 100% satisfaction for the service.
maruthi sx4 bumper dent has been removed and its got new look
maruthi sx4 car bumper dent has been removed and got new look
Alto800 car front bumper dent removing We have done service to the alto800. It got damage right side of the front bumper. 2 panel got damaged. We have cleared that problem and given originality as new. |cardentremovingserviceincoimbatore|carscratchremovingserviceincoimbatore|car modification service in Coimbatore|car alteration service in Coimbatore|carwasserviceinfunmall|car wash service in Saravanampatti|car was service in Coimbatore|. pl visit us 8012588200/201
Skoda Fabia came to our body shop for a accidental repairing job. before coming here customer enquired in showroom , they quoted 240000 rs and 2 months time for delivery ( work includes new sensors, bonnet, bumpers headlight and other spares) then came to 5k network here we quoted 94500 rs and delivered the vehicle in 26th day for the above mentioned works with customer fullest satisfaction and too insurance claimed for 71570. See the below picture for the details. for further details visit us or call us to 8012588200/201
A new life for Marathi 800. We can do something that cannot be imagined.
A new life for Marathi 800. We can do something that cannot be imagined.