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LAND ROVER alloy wheel painting We have done alloy wheel shining black colour change for land rover. From silver colour to shining black we have done colour change..
BENZ full body colour change Today we have delivered Benz car after done colour change job. we have done this job in 25 working days..
Benz full body colour change we have done.. This work colour change work done by us. full have removed all dent and previous paint from the car body than we start from filler to painting.
VW Passat full body colour change we have done from silver to carbon grey.. For above colour change we have taken the time of 2 weeks..
Car interior painting and alteration We have done body kits alteration for Innova , interior colour change, seat cover change, interior lighting done at our body shop
Dent removing and scratch removing We have done repairing job for fiat Punto car. In this cost is 50 percent comparing to the competition. We delivered the car with in 48 hours and 100 perfect colour matching
VW Polo fender dent removing and scratch removing Today we have done repairing job for the polo fender , near to the door. We have removed the dent and given original shape and 100 percent colour matching. Cost and time 57 % less than others.
BMW Bumper dent and scratch removing Today in our body shop we have done bmw car rear / back bumper dent / tinkering work. And done perfect colour matching for the same.
BMW Bumper dent and scratch removing in Coimbatore Hyundai I 20 dicky door accident panel repairing in Coimbatore BMW front bumper got small accident in Avinashi road. Car reached 5k network body shop we have done repairing job with 12 hours and delivered with perfect colour Matching. We are very specialist in premium segment cars. Next Hyundai I 20 got heavy damage by back/ rear side of the car. We have repair and given the car. car painting and repairing cost is 60 percent less than show room. We are using latest technology like Automatic paint booth and dent pullers and etc.