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Ford Figo model, came to our body shop for accidental repairing work. dent in the rear door and quarter body. before coming here the customer had went for some of our competitors, customer was dissatisfied with work process and estimate and came to know about 5k network. we had finished the work as in pic. our salient features. competitor's gave 18k estimate and one week time to finish the work process. we had closed the bill for 40℅ cost effective and deliver the car in 2 days. now the customer became client coz of our work. for details pls login to or call us 8012588200/201 we are happy to serve you.
Skoda Fabia came to our body shop for a accidental repairing job. before coming here customer enquired in showroom , they quoted 240000 rs and 2 months time for delivery ( work includes new sensors, bonnet, bumpers headlight and other spares) then came to 5k network here we quoted 94500 rs and delivered the vehicle in 26th day for the above mentioned works with customer fullest satisfaction and too insurance claimed for 71570. See the below picture for the details. for further details visit us or call us to 8012588200/201
Swift Dizire right side door painting Today we have delivered swift Dizire car that got damage. we have delivered and customer was so happy about pricing and the quality we have delivered.
Hyundai I 20 door dent removing and scratch removing. Today we have received the Hyundai I 20 car repairing left fender, door, and running board. customer so happy about delivery time that we have committed.
Polo car bonnet tinkering and painting Yesterday we have a taken a polo car for bonnet repairing in Coimbatore and delivered in 18 hours as we committed to the customer.
Volvo rear/ Back bumper repairing/ dent removing work in Coimbatore Hyundai I 10 body Door/ Bumper dent/ scratch removing service in Coimbatore. We have done Dent and scratch removing process for Volvo through insurance claim process. Next Hyundai I 10 we have done bumper repair and painting shop job. We have reduced 40 percent cost and time of the customer.
Hyundai Verna door repairing We have done Hyundai Verna 2 doors, q body panel repairing and painting job in 2 days. Customer from tanjavur , he came down only to this purpose and taken. He is very much happy with our work and cost. visit us- #hyundaivernadoordentremoving#hyundaivernapaintingshop#hyundaivernapaintingcostincoimbatore#carpaintingcostincoimbatore#cardentremovingcostincoimbatore#carscratchremovingcostincoimbatore
Honda Amaze tail lamp and bumper repairing We have done repairing job to Honda amaze back bumper and we have replace tail lamp also. Very reasonable charge and customer very much happy with the finish. VISIT us - 8012588200/201 #cardentremovingserviceincoimbatore#carscrtchremovingserviceincoimbatore#carpaintingcost#cardentremovingcost#carpaintingshopincoimbatore#hondaamazedentremovingcentreincoimbatore#carpolishingserviceincoimbatore
We gave a brand new look for this Mercedes-Benz. Full painting work done by us with customer's 100% satisfaction for the service.