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A dent on bonnet!! Showroom - It is impossible to repair the dent and need to replace the Bonnet. 5K Network - Yes any kind of dent can be repaired and painted that brings back the original shape within 24hrs and at unimaginable cost much much lesser than showroom price with best output. An example shown below. Hurry Call us @ 8012588202/203/208/212/206/223/224 Avail services @ Race Course, Gandhipuram, Peelamedu and GV Residency.
Polo left fender / door painting in Coimbatore. We have done polo left side fender tinkering and painting through insurance claim. And we have replaced original head lights also. For these total process we have taken 3 days of time. We ensuring time and cost much less and competitive.
Hyundai Verna door repairing We have done Hyundai Verna 2 doors, q body panel repairing and painting job in 2 days. Customer from tanjavur , he came down only to this purpose and taken. He is very much happy with our work and cost. visit us- #hyundaivernadoordentremoving#hyundaivernapaintingshop#hyundaivernapaintingcostincoimbatore#carpaintingcostincoimbatore#cardentremovingcostincoimbatore#carscratchremovingcostincoimbatore
Honda Amaze tail lamp and bumper repairing We have done repairing job to Honda amaze back bumper and we have replace tail lamp also. Very reasonable charge and customer very much happy with the finish. VISIT us - 8012588200/201 #cardentremovingserviceincoimbatore#carscrtchremovingserviceincoimbatore#carpaintingcost#cardentremovingcost#carpaintingshopincoimbatore#hondaamazedentremovingcentreincoimbatore#carpolishingserviceincoimbatore
Yes even if it is a small scratch it has to be treated with high care and we in 5K Network do that. We know how much you love your car and we respect it and help you to get your car back in shape . Hurry avail your special valentine offer for the car you love most. Call us @ 8012588212/208/206/223/202/204/224 Avail services @ Racecourse, Saravanampatti, Codissia and Fun Mall
Rear Bumper Dented Rear Bumper was badly dented.Since we have more number of techenican and experts, so the work has been completed within half hour and our customer was very much satisfied. Kindly contact us 8012588201/202/223/208/206/224
Seat Cover Replacement In Coimbatore Honda city- Car Interior looks very bad because of tour and dirty seat.In our body shop we have replaced a new seat cover, and also we completed work in half a day. Customer was very much satisfied and gave extra order for Teflon Coating. Branches Codissa/Funmall/Saravanampatti Contact us 8012588201/202/223/206/208
Car Painting in Coimbatore Santro- Dent removed in Left side Rear door and done a painting job and also we gave exact colour matching so customer was very much happy with our work... Just look at the difference between the before and after photo....we just done a polishing job now car looks like new!!!!! Branches Codissa/Funmall/Saravanampatti Contact Us 8012588201/202/212/206/224
Car Dent Removal and Painting in Coimbatore Kwid- left side Rear door got dented, we removed dent and done a painting job... Customer was very much satisfied because we gave an affordable estimate and delivered a vechile in a limited period of time!!!! Because we have an more number of well-trained technicians and staff.... Branches Codissa/Funmall/Saravanampatti Contact Us 8012588201/202/206/224